The Uncomfortable Comfort Zone

Life is not smooth like a highway, it is like a normal city road with a lot of potholes. There is no way one can get through the road of life without getting disturbed by the potholes. It depends on a person whether he is ready for these disturbances in life or he just wants to drive without caring about the them and regret later.

In life, it is for sure, that you will experience different situations, and a person who is always ready to experience these situations and is ready to get out of his comfort zone will always win, but on the other hand, a person who has a laid back attitude and who doesn’t want to deal with any of these difficulties in life will regret later. Because, what happens is, when a person drives after getting out of his comfort zone by not letting his car go into potholes, he experiences a much smoother ride, and the life of his car increases too. But on the other hand, a person who stays in his comfort zone and keeps on driving the car straight at full speed without caring about the potholes, experiences a much difficult ride and the overall health and, the life expectancy of his car also decreases.

Same is the case with life, you get out of your comfort zone and fight the difficult situations of life and you will definitely experience a very healthy, smooth, and long life, and these situations will do you much less harm. But if you do not get out of your comfort zone and do not fight these difficult situations, they will harm you a lot and will make your life difficult and hard to live.

By the above illustrations, you would have understood that one should get out of his comfort zone to make progress and live a smooth and healthy life. Though getting out of your comfort zone is a little hard and requires effort, but it is worth it.



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